Family are involved as partners in the process. We are person-centered and work together with you and your family to meet your needs.

  • Customized support to meet your specific needs with your child
  • Meetings with parent(s) will be held at a frequency that supports your education and understanding of the plan, as well as any additional assistance required for implementation
  • You may be requested to keep track of some of your child’s behavior in order to further support development of the best strategy for them

  • The Family Support Specialist will develop a plan to begin addressing your needs
  • An initial assessment is provided to identify the current concerns and begin to formulate a plan of support
  • This support is available to foster parents, birth, parents, single parents, grandparents, etc. If you are the child’s primary caregiver, we want you to feel confident with your child(ren), whether they are under 18 or you are caring for your adult child